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A one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, Salon 21, located at 192 East 12300 South, offers a full range of services from hair cuts, color, perms and highlights to facial waxing and professional make-up. The salon has been in the area for 10 years but has been under new management and new owner brings unique qualifications to the job.
The owner graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in chemical engineering and chemistry, which she used in her previous job as a chemist. “That means I worked with formulating hairsprays, hair conditioners and gels,” she says. “That’s why customers can come ask me questions about which products are the right ones to use. We can ensure that whatever product we recommend for a client is only going to help their hair, skin and

Salon 21 professional staff also is able to offer corrective make-up procedures to fix facial imperfections.
“We’re actually taking your natural beauty and bringing it out,” Sang says. “For example, if one side of your lip is lower than the other side, we correct that by drawing with a brush. We’re using your own beauty and enhancing it.”

Salon 21 staff work hard to make sure their clients feel more like friends.
Each haircut comes with a shampoo and scalp massage,
complete with pressure point work, to help clients relax; and when they do facial waxing, they have the client sit up rather than lie back because “gravity is different
when you’re laying back,” Sang says.

All types of clients are welcome. Sang is experienced at doing ethnic cuts and she also works well with children as young as 5 months old. “I let them play on the floor and have a good time then cut around them,” she says. “Normally, when kids get a haircut, they cry but here they don’t have to sit still so when they leave, they’re happy and laughing.”

Salon 21 also offers free consultations for hair and make-up and teaches interested clients how to apply their own make-up for free. For those with a special occasion or party, Sang can close the salon and perform whatever beauty services the group needs.

“I love creating friendships with my clients,” she says. “It’s relaxing to interact with the customers. I like to help them learn how to take care of themselves, of their hair and make-up.”

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  1. Madeline says:

    I was at your salon on 12/7/2013 been to your salon for my hair cuts and coloring but on this day I wanted color and highlights which I got but was not what I had asked the stylist for.Plus a haircut the hair cut was great.But the coloring and highlights were terrible I got orange highlights. The stylist try to fix it and I did not want to stay there any longer since I already was there for 3an half hrs.My complaint is she didn’t even offer a discount all she offer was for me to come back the next day. Why would I want to come back the next day.Well I will not be coming back to your salon ever again and 120.00dollars was just to much for something I was not happy with. Just wanted to pass this to you. I did love coming there because of your stylists there are all fun to be around.Very friendly. Thank you.

    • mysalo6 says:

      Thank you for giving us your honest opinion. If you are not happy with your service, please give sang a call.

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