Beach Waves Perm at Salon 21

Beach Waves Perm

A unique way of creating long loose waves.  We Perfected and Redesigned the original way of creating beach waves.  This is our salon exclusive service.

Beach Wave Perm                         Spiral Perm


Perms and Beach Waves

What are my different perm options?

  • There are 3 main types of perm: a flat wrap, a spiral perm, or a beach wave perm.

 How do I know which type of perming service is right for me?

  1. a Flat Wrapped Perm is the typical perm for very short hair, and creates the most volume
  2. a Spiral Perm is ideal for medium-long hair styles, and is rolled vertically to give a tighter  looking natural curl with a bouncy look
  3. a Beach Wave Perm only works for medium-long hair styles and is the most natural looking and modern perm option.

 What is the difference between a perm and a beach wave?

  •  A beach wave is a perm using the same type of perm solution, but parted and rolled     differently to create a more natural and loose permanent curl.

 Perm Pricing

  1. Flat Wrapped Perm– is priced based on hair length, and follows the same pricing as illustrated on the “One Color” price page.
  2. Spiral Perm- starts at $96+ and is based on length/thickness of hair; how many bottles of perm solution is needed; and will be explained by your stylist before your service starts.
  3. Beach Wave Perm- is a more artistic and labor intensive treatment, which most of the time requires two or more bottles of perming solution; for these reasons the beach wave perm is from $120 – $180.


*for any type of perm service, an extra charge of $18 will be added to the original price for each additional bottle of perming solution needed.

**hair that is over-processed or over-bleached cannot be permed, ask your stylist about your options*****.



Comments & Responses

4 Responses so far.

  1. francine beyer says:

    I have short hair wanting to put loose curls in it how much is it?

    • mysalo6 says:

      our perms start at $75, please give us a call for a free consultation

    • mysalo6 says:

      If it is a tradition perm, our price start at $75. IF it is a spiral perm, our price start at $96. Please call for a free consultation

    • mysalo6 says:

      If it’s just a traditional perm that you are looking to get done, then it will start at $85 and depends on thickness of your hair. You are welcome to give us a call for a free consultation

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